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Membership Benefits

AzMGMA membership is an investment in your professional success. Whether you are new to medical practice management or a seasoned veteran in the field, AzMGMA delivers the education and resources required for effectively managing an organization in today's changing healthcare environment. AzMGMA is your link to one of the most powerful career assets - your peers!

  • Receive state and national legislative updates

  • Stay on top of current issues from leading analysts, experienced practice executives and industry suppliers.

  • Access to several education scholarships

  • Networking opportunities

  • Search for a fellow member

  • Look for / Post a job

  • Access medical office salary survey reports

  • Receive our quarterly "Cactus Comments” newsletter

  • Participate in a state-wide annual conference with a mix of medical practice leaders in one location.

  • Attend monthly local area meetings to receive enriched educational content from within the accredited American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE) management skill-set.

  • Participate in educational webinars on current topics to benefit your practice

  • Periodic special medical management education opportunities

  • Share in local peer-to-peer forums that address topics of importance to the healthcare industry.

  • Affiliation with Arizona Medical Association (ArMA)

  • Alliance with related professional organizations

  • Receive certification through the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE) using the education and resources provided to you as a member of AzMGMA

  • Opportunity to interact with your peers, insurance carriers, industry suppliers and key legislative decision-makers.

  • Access the latest medical practice management products and services through our vendor network

  • Keep informed on issues that face our local health care community and help educate our State leaders on key issues.

Who Can Join?

Active Members: Annual Dues $100.00

An active member must be employed by or contracted to provide management services for a medical practice, hospital or investor owned organization managing medical practices; and must have one of the following as a principal role: 
a. Performing managerial duties involving multiple areas;
b. Perform administrative tasks involving a single area, including significant management responsibility within the organization; or
c. Provide patient care and also performing significant managerial or administrative tasks. An Active member is entitled to all association membership services, as defined by the Board of Directors, including the right to vote on all matters, and to serve as an officer of the association.

Affiliate Members: Annual Dues $150.00

Any person with significant responsibility to provide services to medical practices in a vending or consulting role who does not qualify under the definition of active member. An affiliate member shall not be a voting member of the Association, nor the eligible to hold office, but may serve on a committee or as a representative on the board.

Student Members: Annual Dues $50.00

A Student member is an individual who is not currently in a health care management position, but who is enrolled in a health care management program through an accredited university or college.

* Membership dues for new members are prorated on a quarterly basis, ending on December 31 of the year you join. Membership renewals occur as of January 1 for all members. 
** Membership is assigned to the individual applying for or renewing membership and is not transferable.

Visit our Application page for more information and to apply for membership online.